Well hey there Business Bloomers, welcome to my first healthy foods recipe post!

Recently I hosted an episode of the TGIF Business Networking Hangout where the topic was “Healthy Eating for Better Business.” It was a great episode that turned out to be popular with its audience, and afterwards I was inspired to post a couple of my fave recipes for healthy meals, and then those posts turned out to be surprisingly popular, which in turn has inspired me to add a blog section where I can post my yummies when I get the urge. And Voila! The Yummy and Healthy Recipes blog section was born. But enough background info already…let’s get to that yummy!


Before we start – a note about ingredients, organics, and nutrition:

First, a note about ingredients – whenever possible, go organic! All those pesky poisons and chemicals don’t add any value to your meals. I say why eat poisons when you don’t have to? I am so fortunate, and grateful every day that I live in Southern California, where organic produce and foods are easy to find year round. But in case you don’t live in such a wonderful, magical place, here’s a great resource for finding organic farms and farmers markets near you: LocalHarvest.org!

As I am not a health instructor or nutritionist, there’s no info here about calories and vitamins, and for my purposes “healthy” means fresh, organic produce of the earth, not processed, sugar and chemical additive laden foods.

Lastly, since Thanksgiving is next week as I write this post, and the recipe below makes a great Tofurkey Day dish, I just have to include this wonderful image and link and wish you a Happy ThanksLiving!




Ok enough already…this time we really are going to that yummy recipe! First, to whet your appetite, here’s the yummy payoff pic:




Beet, Carrot and Beans Red Pattie Wrap

This recipe made enough mix for 4 serving size patties. And remember, recipes are often just loose guidelines, to be fiddled with as you become comfy with cooking, and revised to suit your own tastes.


1 red beet with tops
1 carrot with tops
4 large garlic cloves (or however many you want to use, according to your own tastes)
1 stalk celery
About a quarter of an average sized onion (or more or less to suit your taste)
Some lemon juice
Dash of almond milk
1/2 can garbanzo beans
Some leeks
2 leaves of chard
2 Tbsp flour
Some salt and pepper 
Little bit of olive or safflower oil for cooking


Process, takes about 30 minutes:

  • Slice the beet into approx.  quarter inch slices and sauté them lightly while you prepare the other veggies.
  • Dice the carrot. 
  • Chop the onion and celery into small pieces – diced
  • Grab the cooked beets, cut them into smaller strips and put them into a mini food processor along with the diced carrot, garlic cloves, and some lemon juice. Blend until finely ground. If you need to moisten the mixture, add a little almond milk, just enough to get the ingredients to a relatively smooth consistency – no big chunks. Unless you like big chunks, then by all means, leave some big chunks in there 
    • If you don’t have a mini food processor, you can finely dice the cooked beets and grate the carrot and garlic and mix it with the other stuff in a bowl.
  • Add garbanzo beans to the mixture and blend just enough for beans to be crushed in (not finely ground). They are soft and easily mushed so this won’t take long, and can likely be done on a low setting on your mini food processor.
  • Put mixture in bowl and add your diced onion and celery plus the 2 Tbsp flour and mix together with a fork. You’ll have a nice pat tie consistency. Here’s a pic. It’s not a great pic, I know, but you can see the nice red color from the beets, and how it easily forms patties:




  • Make some patties in a pan and sauté them up in extra virgin olive oil or safflower oil.  
  • Then sauté the leeks , carrot tops and beet tops – this only takes a few minutes, they cook quickly.
  • Serve patties on chard leaves, top with the sautéed greens, add salt and pepper to taste, and roll it up for a yummy and healthy sandwich wrap!


Want to help give this dish a cool name?

Check out this post on Google+ and add your name suggestions to the comments. I don’t have any great giveaway prize, it’s just for fun, and so I don’t have to go around saying Beet, Carrot and Beans Red Pattie Wrap all the time, that’s just too long.

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