Well hello there and welcome to my shiny web site!  

This site aims to be a valuable resource for info about branding, marketing, social media strategies, and various other topics important to small business owners, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs!

What You’ll Find Here:

What kind of resources will I be posting here, you ask?  Oh I’m so glad you asked!  Here’s just a few of the wonders that can be found around here:


Blooming Business Club 250x250Meilani’s Blooming Business Club
– MBBC is a membership club whose members enjoy workshops and resources they can use to help their business bloom!  Seeds and Sprouts enjoy access to resources like video lessons and access to free-to-use stock art images great for making memes or for use in online and printed promo materials.

Buds and Blooms members get seats in the the monthly Blooming Business workshops, membership in the private Meilani’s Blooming Business Community on Google+ where they will find ongoing motivation, homework assignments, links to resources (like free fonts and graphics) and other stuff useful to solopreneurs and small business owners who want to grow their business!



TGIF Business Networking Hangout - martin shervington episodeTGIF Business Networking Hangout – TGIF is a show created by and for small business people and entrepreneurs! TGIF features guests experts in topics important to small biz owners and entrepreneurs, like social media marketing, video marketing, online press releases, how to use CircleCount, Pinterest for Business, and more!




BlahBlahBlogBlahBlahBlog posts – OK I call it that because of the character Bob Loblaw from the tv show Arrested Development. What’s so funny? Say the name out loud. Now you know 🙂  Ok now that’s out of the way, back to the BlahBlahBlog – this will feature a Business Blog with articles relevant to building and cultivating your brand identity, on marketing strategies, logo design, and other topics of interest to small business owners and entrepreneurs. 

There will also be some great non-biz posts about my life here in the beautiful desert, or my various scifi & fantasy fangirl interests on the Life Blog. Please do leave suggestions and questions in the comments for topics you want to hear about!



AISO Solar Powered Web Hosting

 This site is 100% solar powered, which I think is totally cool 🙂  Be the Change!

Yes, that is an Affiliate link, just so you know. But I tell ya I’m happy to be an affiliate link for a company that is semi-local and clean and green, enabling me to make a difference by providing solar powered hosting! I want to make that kind of difference! I searched for “green hosting” and many came up. What sold me on AISO were two things: 1 – that AISO is out here in the so-cal desert, so I am supporting a semi-local, green business, and 2 – all the other green hosting sites listed were using carbon credits, not actually clean energy powered at the source. AISO is solar powered and I want to support that. I really hope more businesses out there are designed to be self powered and clean powered. If you like the sound of that too, by all means please click on through from my link and check AISO out