TGIF Tips: Brand Identity – What Separates You From the Rest?

Hey There Business Bloomers!  This 2 minute TGIF Tip video addresses a common branding question: What Separates You from the Rest? This is one of the many reasons why your business’s Brand Identity is so important. A strong brand identity will attract and resonate with your potential customers and clients.

Why be red when you can be brick red or cherry red or candy apple red? If you just say “red,” it could mean a lot of things and you are just one red thing in a huge pool of red things. If you refine and define your red, you are now lifted out of that very large pool, you have something that makes you noticeable. Your brick red now implies strength, a down to earthyness, a strong foundation, because of all those associations we have with the specific color brick red, and with bricks. Our mental images now have focus because you refined and defined your red.

Check out this TGIF Tip video and start thinking about what separates you and your company, your brand, from the rest of the pack!



What Are TGIF Tips?

TGIF Tips are snippets of the best takeaways from full episodes of the TGIF Business Networking Hangout.  This TGIF Tip comes from a TGIF episode that was a slideshow presentation on an Introduction to Brand Identity.  You can find that full episode at TGIF Business Networking Hangout – Brand Identity – 12.07.2012

Note that I redid the slide visuals for this TGIF Tips short, because that original episode was broadcast a year ago, and I’ve since rebranded my own stuff away from the cogs and gears look to the current desert blooms on black background. Speaking of black background…

Bonus Info: Great Tip for On-Location Slideshow Presentations 

If you are giving a live presentation at a brick and mortar location with a live audience, use a dark background in your slideshow presentation. Presentation screens with dark backgrounds will show up nicely in any photos taken at the event.  If your slideshow has a white or light background, it will look all washed out in your event photos, and you will lose the impact of showing your presentation in your live event photos.

This tip was generously shared with me by Coachella Valley local photographer Patricia Finn.


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