This ep of the TGIF Business Networking Hangout is all about writing, publishing, and promoting your book release.  I am very excited to have special guests +Edward Lopatin and +Arlene Morgan joining us to share their experiences, tips and lessons learned as they navigated the waters of authorship, self publishing, and marketing their words and works.



About Edward Lopatin

Author Edward Lopatin

Edward Lopatin’s books are based on his life experiences, and with his love of and gift for storytelling, it’s only natural that he loves to write.

Edward has authored and self-published 3 books. The latest is titled “How to Survive Your Vacation,” and tells us true tales of the author’s harrowing travel adventures to 53 countries on four continents. The book also offers readers 80 surefire recommendations for how to have a great time and get home in one piece.

Edward is also an accomplished Toastmaster DTM who is a familiar face in public speaking contests, with many trophies making his shelves shiny. I’ve heard Ed speak and been to a few of those contests, and let me tell you it is always a treat to hear Ed speak!  

And here’s the example of Ed’s pre-release teasers over on FB:
(Apologies to the folks who ~gasp~ don’t have a FB account, as you may not be able to see these posts. FB is like that.)

When Edward changed his cover photo to this pic: 

Edward Lopatin fb cover photo

This explanation went up with it:

“Cover page was changed. This picture taken in Petra Jordan. One of the Indiana Jones movies was filmed there. Two days after I took this picture, my tour group was fired upon by terrorists as we crossed the border from Jordan into the West Bank (a chapter details this in How to Survive Your Vacation, available in a few weeks)”

Ed had been piquing our interest in his book with posts like that for a while before the book was available, building up interest with little story snippets that make us want to hear the whole story.

Edward is a member of the Palm Springs Writers Guild, and next month he’ll be providing Guild members with a 3 hour seminar on “How to write and publish your first book.”

If you’re a Coachella Valley local and need a speaker for your organization, Ed’s a great choice. 


About Arlene Morgan

Roots of the Vines author Arlene Morgan

Arlene has always enjoyed writing poems and short stories, and writing in her journal. She’s had many different careers, yet none have been as rewarding accomplishing her dream of writing a novel.

Arlene co-authored “Roots of the Vines” with Ronald Krivosha. For her, it was an opportunity to give readers a romance novel with depth. The story revolves around an orphan’s search for her identity and the obstacles that she encounters. As she takes her life journey she experiences romance, an age old vendetta, and surprising secrets.

Arlene has a mission behind the story, and has made connections and partnerships with non-profit orgs that have a similar mission, providing her with some great outlets for selling her book. She tells us all about it during this episode!

Arlene is also member of the Palm Springs Writers Guild and she (and Edward ) both had booths at The 4th Annual 2014 Desert Writers Expo onWednesday, April 02, 2014 from 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM at the Rancho Mirage Library Community Room

Find Arlene’s book here:

Roots of the Vines on Facebook:

Edward and Arlene spoke to us about the writing and self-publishing process, both in the creative sense and the the nuts and bolts, what tasks did they source out (such as proofreading or formatting for publishing), what kinds of promotions are they doing locally (for example this week’s Desert Writer’s Expo), and what kind of online marketing are they doing now that they’ve put their books up on Amazon.

Please get your questions ready and mark your calendars for this Friday, April 4th at 4pm pst.  

If you want to join us inside the Hangout, please leave a request for invitation in the comments, and you’ll be added to my TGIF invite circle, woohoo!