Have you ever received a welcome basket?

Have you ever moved into a new home and wished you knew who were the good plumbing, cleaning or flooring companies in your new town?

Do you prefer personal recommendations and warm greetings to Yellow Pages and CraigsList?

This Friday, November 1 at 4pm, +Tim Bloom and +Greg Jones from Desert Welcome / Locals Choice will be my special guests on the TGIF Business Networking Hangout!


These gents and their partner Mario Hernandez did some beautiful brainstorming during the down economy.  The market was saturated with empty homes, but in the Coachella Valley the lower housing prices enabled a lot of people to purchase a home, and those homes were selling.  They saw a niche market that could be served by a lot of local businesses.

Just think about it.  What services did you use when you moved into your home?

Ours had been empty for 3 years so the first thing we did was hire a cleaning company to come give it a good cleaning. I mean the takes-3-people-all-day type of cleaning to get the dust out and the drawers silverware ready.

We’ve needed our air conditioning fixed since we moved in. I just cannot live in the desert summer without AC.

We’ve needed a plumber. We actually ended up hiring a general contractor, which saved us money and time.

And you do have to get your septic tank pumped, or… ewwww!

Let’s face it, homes need maintenance. 

So there was a nice market of new homeowners needing services, Desert Welcome was there to serve it, and has been very effective in increasing business for its participating member businesses!  Learn more from Greg and Tim tomorrow on the TGIF Business Networking Hangout!

Just come back here at 4pm on Nov. 1 to watch the broadcast live.
After that it will be archived in the TGIF section of this web site.

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