Hey there Business Bloomers!  This episode of the TGIF Business Networking Hangout features special guest Linda Fritz, owner of Sun Sugar Farms and inventor of CRESBI® Crates, discussing how to get your product from idea to market.



About the Topic: Taking Your Product from Idea to Market

We will be discussing Linda’s various businesses, in particular the CRESBI® Crates company, how she came up with the idea to create the crate, and how she is marketing her products. Some of the items we’ll discuss include:

How Linda took her CRESBI® Crates from idea to market. What was the process? What connections did she have to make? How long did it take? 

Competitions entered, that provided bragging rights, press release content, and marketing materials, including the Dream Big America competitionMy Cool Inventions Radio Network‘s competition, and the National Urban League Small Business Administration Pitch Competition (NUL-SBA).

Linda’s excellent use of promotional videos on her web site, https://www.cresbicrate.com, how they were produced (some professionally, and some not) and the impact they’ve had. 

Expenses – how much investment it took to have her product brought to market, and how she keeps expenses down (for example hiring high school and college kids to do some of the work).

And more, including questions from the audience!

image of Meilani's CRESBI Crate packed with fresh, organic veggies


Linda kindly sent me a CRESBI® Crate to check out before this episode, and I must say I do love it. I now use it when shopping for my fresh organic produce, as I like that I can stack the veggies in them and the leafy greens don’t get bruised or ripped the way they sometimes do from packing and unpacking them inside reusable grocery bags. Plus, when I get home I just set the whole crate in the sink to rinse my veggies, and then let them dry, right in the crate. Very convenient! Mmmm, just look at those yummy organic greens!!


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About Special Guest Linda Fritz

TGIF Business Networking Hangout guest Linda Fritz

+Linda Fritz is owner of +Sun Sugar Farms and the creator of CRESBI® Crates, which are collapsable, stackable, reusable grocery crates. On her web site http://CresbiCrates.com, Linda also sells other reusable products which she has brought to market. She is also a video marketer specializing in business-to-business marketing, and a farmer who grows edamame and Sun Sugar Tomatoes. Wow – that’s a lot of business on Linda’s plate (or should I say “in her crate” heehee), and we’re going to learn how she manages to do it all.


About the Host, Meilani MacDonald

TGIF Host, Meilani

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