Hey there Business Bloomers!  This episode of the TGIF Business Networking Hangout features special guest Travis Taylor, owner of Digividmedia.com, joining us to discuss Storytelling, Hangouts on Air, and the Future of Interactive Television.



About the Topic: Storytelling, Hangouts on Air, and the Future of Interactive TV

In this episode we had an interesting discussion speculating on how much Hangouts on Air might influence the future of Interactive TV. We also discussed how important Storytelling is in any kind of show, from a Hangout on Air to your favorite network show to a great corporate or small business promotional video.


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About Special Guest Travis Taylor

+Travis Taylor is owner of DigiVidMedia.com in San Diego, where he uses digital video and new media technologies like live streaming videos through Hangouts and YouTube, to produce and tell your stories. DigiVid Media Produces video campaigns that drive more business your way.



About the Host, Meilani MacDonald

TGIF Host, Meilani

Meilani MacDonald is a brand identity and outreach strategy consultant who created the TGIF Business Networking Hangout as a way to do face-to-face business networking beyond local borders. When Hangouts on Air became available, TGIF also became a great forum for providing information valuable to small business owners and solopreneurs via live streaming video.

Meilani also runs Meilani’s Blooming Business Club, a forum through which she brings monthly workshops and “Consultant is IN” Hangout sessions to club members, at a price that’s right for savvy solopreneurs and small business owners on a budget!

Meilani specializes in teaching her clients how to market their business online and build a strong brand identity using social media on purpose, with purpose



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