Hiya Business Bloomers – I’m very sorry but due to a schedule conflict, I had to postpone this week’s episode of the TGIF Business Networking Hangout w/ special guest Rob Micheal to Friday, October 4th at 4pm pst.  Please join me then for another great Google+ Success Story interview!

I must admit I am a little excited by the reason WHY I am rescheduling – I’ve been chosen to represent my  Toastmasters Club in our local TM District Evaluation Contest, woohoo!

Check out the post below for more information about upcoming TGIF Business Networking Hangout special guests +Rob Michael on Friday, October 4th, and +Dr. Simone Ravicz on Friday, October 18th!   Just go ahead and click “Read more” and it will open up right here in this blog post, you don’t even have to leave the page.  If you are signed in to Google, you can even leave a comment or give it a +1, how cool is that!  And please do, btw!


If you’d like to know how to embed a Google+ post into your own WordPress blog post, you’re in luck…I wrote a post about how to do that here, and there’s even a little video there too, for people like me who like to be shown their how-to lessons 🙂