Hey There Business Bloomers!  

This episode is an oldie but a goodie, from way back in July 2012!  My special guest was the awesome +Ronnie Bincer, now known as The Hangout Helper*, a real guru over on Google+.  Before Ronnie turned into a G+ superstar, he was teaching people how to make great marketing videos. There is some GREAT advice from everything about creating a “set” to how video marketing can benefit your SEO so that you have better chances of ranking high in search results.

*Please note that there are links to Ronnie’s current web site in the above paragraph. VideoLeadsOnline is still there, but Ronnie’s time and energies are now spent at The Hangout Helper site. Also, lots of changes have happened over on Google+ since this episode was recorded, so be sure to follow me and Ronnie over there on Google+ to get the info on the latest changes and updates to Google+ and Hangouts.

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