Hey there Business Bloomers!  This episode of the TGIF Business Networking Hangout features special guest +Gene Shaw, owner of Heirloom Productions Video Services, discussing Video Creation for Small Business.



About the Topic: Video Creation Tips for Small Business and Solopreneurs

Gene discusses the importance of strategy planning when it comes to creating videos for your businessThis excerpt from Gene’s web site summarizes it nicely:

“With current technology, the fact is anybody can make a video. But having a video that is not well thought outwell produced, and aimed at identifiable and specific business goals can be worse than having no video at all. Heirloom Productions partners with each of our clients to help them identify their specific goals and create a media production to meet those goals while working with the available budget.”


Gene also tells us a little about his business, which has two sides to it:

1. capturing and preserving family histories by creating video memory archives and video diaries, and

2. creating well thought out, professional promotional videos for small businesses


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About Special Guest Gene Shaw

Gene Shaw  is a fellow Coachella Valley local who started his video services business in 2005. I met Gene at a networking event where he was presenting, and I was impressed by two things that made me want him to be a guest on TGIF:

1 – he gave a great presentation about creating professional videos, filled with actual useful tips and info, and

2 – he is new to Google+ but has really jumped right into the mix! I see him putting effort learning more about G+ and HOAs, and practicing what he’s learning!  A lot has changed since he began his biz 9 years ago and he is adapting to the changes, which is important in today’s hectic social media fueled world.

Please enjoy the video and learn some great tips for creating effective marketing videos for your small business! 


About the Host, Meilani MacDonald

TGIF Host, Meilani.

Meilani MacDonald is a brand identity and outreach strategy consultant that has been hosting the TGIF Business Networking Hangout since before there were Hangouts on Air! For her, TGIF was a way to do business networking beyond her local Palm Springs area borders. But when Hangouts on Air became available, TGIF also became a great forum for providing information on topics important to small business owners and solopreneurs via live streaming video.

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