Hey there Business Bloomers!  Joining us on this TGIF Business Networking Hangout is +Abbie Joseph Harrington, producer of The Perfect Close Summit, to discuss what the summit is, how it will benefit participants including both the audience and the topic experts who were interviewed, and what the process of producing it was like. Lots of good info in this episode of TGIF!



About the Topic: The Perfect Close Telesummit, Part 1

The Perfect Close Summit is a free teleseminar event for which Abbie interviewed 21 special guest experts who shared tips and advice for how to close the sale. The Perfect Close Summit runs from July 7 – 14, 2015. During that week, Abbie will release 3 interviews per day for registrants to listen to. The interviews are 45 minutes to one hour each and were recorded while Abbie interviewed each guest by phone.

The umbrella topic for each of these interviews was tips and advice for closing the sale every time, and the speakers have all promised to provide a free gift to the participants in the audience. In this TGIF Business Networking Hangout episode, Abbie and I discussed some of those great sales closing tips along with a panel of a sampling of the guest experts that Abbie interviewed. Those panel members included:

+John Jurkiewicz from JurkiewiczConsulting.com

Joyce Brown from TheSalesSavvyCEO.com

+Erland Bakke from worklessearnmore.tv

and lastly, Yours Truly! (yes that’s me, Meilani MacDonald:)

So yes, I am one of the guests whose interview you will hear if you register for the telesummit, woot! My topic on the telesummit was (of course) Hangouts on Air, and the powerful, personal connections that Hangouts on Air can help build between you and your audience – connections that will help you close the sale.

I don’t know what date or time my interview will be made available however, if all of the participants are as full of good sales insights and tips as the ones I’ve met are, then any listeners will come away with a lot of actionable tips they can start using right away to improve their sales closing techniques!

This TGIF episode provides a nice sampling of the great tips that will be offered during the course of the The Perfect Close Summit


About the Topic: The Perfect Close Telesummit, Part 2

Not only did we talk about what the The Perfect Close Telesummit would offer its participants, we also discussed the nuts and bolts of producing such an event and the marketing benefits of doing so. Abbie shared with us WHY she decided to create and produce this summit, what the guest experts were getting out of their participation (this is good stuff for anyone interesting in learning more about marketing), and what were some of the logistics and challenges of producing the telesummit. We discussed the technical challenges: how were the interviews taken, how will they be made available to participants, what apps were used in the process of creating the summit? We also discussed some of the hidden costs of producing the event, whether it is an event that one person can easily pull off (vs. working with a team), what were some of the financial and time investment expenses of producing the event (virtual assistant, video editing, web site creation/updates, and more) and what does Abbie hope to receive from going through all of this, after the telesummit has been completed.

This episode is a goldmine of information for anyone else thinking about producing this kind of marketing event!

Click here to register for the free Perfect Close Telesummit.


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About Special Guest Abbie Joseph-Harrington

Abbie Joseph-Harrington

Abbie Joseph-Harrington is the creator and producer of The Perfect Close Summit. She has many years of experience in closing the sale, having worked for 3 decades in sales, sales training & sales management. Abbie has even been a multi-million dollar sales producer and has run multi-million dollar sales teams. All this hard work has won Abbie top sales achievement awards many times over. She has effectively closed the sales for companies including Diamond Resorts International, WorldMark, Allstate Insurance Co., Ford Motor Co., and GM.

Abbie developed a consistent, teachable sales system, which she now teaches as a sales coach to business owners and entrepreneurs who learn sales and closing strategies to help them quickly increase sales revenues & profits.


About the Host, Meilani MacDonald

TGIF Host, Meilani

Meilani MacDonald is a brand identity and outreach strategy consultant who created the TGIF Business Networking Hangout as a way to do face-to-face business networking beyond local borders, using Google’s video chat technology.  When Hangouts on Air (HOAs are Hangouts that are broadcast live on YouTube) became available, TGIF became a great forum for providing information valuable to small business owners and solopreneurs via live streaming video.

Meilani also runs Meilani’s Blooming Business Club, through which she brings monthly workshops and “Consultant is IN” Hangout sessions to club members, at a price that’s right for savvy solopreneurs and small business owners on a budget!

Meilani specializes in teaching her clients how to market their business online and build a strong brand identity using social media on purpose, with purpose.



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