Is Your Career Causing You Too Much Stress?

Don’t Panic! 

In this episode, psychologist and coach +Dr. Simone Ravicz joined me on the TGIF Business Networking Hangout to discuss something she calls PRO-STRESS, or stress related to our work lives.

Note:  We had some technical difficulties, the guest was having crashy troubles, so if you want to skip to where she got in and we got the discussion started, please forward to 8:30 in the video (8 mins 30 seconds in).  Cheers!

We discussed questions including:

• Which aspect of work is the biggest source of job stress?

• What is the difference between acute and chronic stress?

• What stressor would you (participants) most like to eliminate?

So, if your career aspirations and your work are causing you stress, and you want to learn how to diminish that stress, be happier and healthier and get more satisfaction out of your work, check out this episode of the TGIF Business Networking Hangout!  

About the Guest


Dr. Simone Ravicz

Simone Ravicz is overly educated with a MA and PhD in Psychology and an MBA from UCLA and a BA in Psychology from Brown University.

She has been working in the area of stress for 25 years and has authored several books, including “High on Stress: A Woman’s Mind-Body Guide,” which is actually very beneficial for both women and men.  Her forthcoming book, “Brain Bliss: Seven Steps to Help Your Brain Help Yourself,” offers a look at cutting-edge neuroscience discoveries about the brain and how they can be utilized with self-help techniques to get rid of psychological difficulties affecting many and to enhance psychological and physical health and performance.

Visit Dr. Simone’s web site at

Dr. Simone Ravicz’s Author Page on




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