TGIF Business Networking Hangout – Home Office Organization with Marie Leslie

This episode of TGIF features special guest Marie Leslie, a successful blogger who writes on a variety of topics, including Business and Social Media, Home and Garden, and Life Lessons.


I was fortunate enough to have Marie on as a guest to speak on the topic of Home Office Organization.  As a solopreneur who works from home, I found this interview to be chock full of tips that are Oh So Useful!

My favorite 2 Takeaway Tips from this episode are:


#1 – To Avoid Unruly Mail Piles:

Use a hard cover, 3-hole binder with pocket pages to store your bills and other mail that you have to attend to. You can organize in whatever way works for you (sort by billing company, sort by date due, etc.) Pull out your folder once a day and take care of the mail items that need to be taken care of. This takes your mail piles off your desk (in my case, my desk, my floor, and my table) and puts your mail into one folder which you can keep on your desk or other handy spot where you won’t ignore it.

OK I have to butt in now with a personal testimony here – I have a REAL PROBLEM with mail.  It just inundates and overwhelms me. This is why I always go for email only when given the choice.  Email comes and your filters automatically put everything in the right folder for storage and easy searching and reference. Easy Peasy!  But Snail Mail ends up in piles …and piles … and piles …and piles.  I really can’t deal with it.  This seemingly so simple tip has SAVED me!

As proof, below is a picture of my Mail Folder!  Now I’m one of those artsy crafty lovers too, so I had a lot of fun turning the ugly old folder with a bank logo into something that I wouldn’t mind having on my desk!  Some glue, some pretty papers, some butterfly bling and I have a mail folder that is so shiny and blingy it makes me smile despite knowing what’s in it!

pic of mail binder for office organization post


#2 – How to Avoid or Limit Internet Distraction:

Keep a handy timer on your desk – be sure to use a timer you can sit on your desk, which has an annoyingly loud alarm. Do not use an online timer, they are too easy to ignore!  Set your timer for however much time you want/need to spend on your social media stuff, and then when that alarm goes off, you stop and get back to your other work! This only works if you are disciplined enough to stop when it’s time to stop so no cheating if you want to get in the habit of managing your time efficiently!

These are just a few of the things we discussed in this episode of TGIF! Other topics included how to handle scheduling work and family time, how to get mentally prepped for work when you work in a home office, and more!

Visit Marie’s web site for lots of great tips on a variety of topics, including Business, Social Media, Home and Garden, and Life Lessons!

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