TGIF Business Networking Hangout – Finding Your Own Star Power w/Stephen Dimmick

On Friday, Jan 3rd, 2014, the TGIF Business Networking Hangout will be joined by special guest, celebrity makeup artist and vlogger +Stephen Dimmick to discuss letting your inner star shine like a social media celebrity.

It’s not always about having a bazillion followers. Sometimes it’s about how fanatically they love you. There is an art to keeping them coming back for more and Stephen’s posts never lack interaction, and the interaction they get is just filled with Stephen love.

TGIF Guest Stephen Dimmick

Stephen is very outspoken and holds nothing back in his public posting. We’ll learn why he chose to go so public, and what benefits doing so has reaped him. We’ll also find out what impact his social openness has had on his career as a high fashion makeup artist.

Just bookmark this page and come back on Friday to watch the live video feed, or if you have a Google account please join us over on the TGIF Event page at Google+.  There you can participate with Q & A or even join us in the hangout – just leave a request to join in over in the comments under the event listing.

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Check out Stephen’s work at: – Stephen’s beautiful makeup artist portfolio site – Stephen’s online resume – Stephen’s vlog site