Hey there Business Bloomers!  This episode of the TGIF Business Networking Hangout features a great panel of special guests discussing the topic Business Women’s Empowerment Groups – Can They Become A Crutch?



About the Topic: Business Women’s Empowerment Groups – Can They Become A Crutch?

My experiences in looking for a good empowered business women’s group gave birth to this subject. I joined a few business women’s empowerment groups, thinking“awesome, there will be some great tips, advice, and links to tools and info I can use to help me as a businesswoman!” 

To me, empowered and empowering business women meant business women sharing information, tools and practical resources that would help other women to improve their business practices.

Instead, I was disappointed to find that all too many of the posts in these empowerment groups were rah-rah memes, such as “Give yourself permission to fly and you will find your wings.” Huh? Where were the resources and posts with real substance? Where were the WP lessons and spreadsheet how-to posts? 


About the Guest Panel

This episode features a great panel discussion, where we heard from:

+Dr. Simone Ravicz, brain psychologist turned business coach who helps her clients change their neural pathways and thinking habits, identifying negative thinking habits and replacing them with positive thoughts. 

+Lisa Voncino is a social media consultant with a business development and marketing background who helps her clients create and maintain online visibility using a variety of social media platforms. 

+Kittie Walker is a business consultant, strategist and trainer who helps small businesses take advantage of the digital world. 

+Meloney Hall is a business consultant and trainer who helps businesses and individuals to create and increase positive online presence and brand awareness. 

+Christine L Bowen is Co-Creator of The Create.Live.Be™ Movement, whose mission is to inspire aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs to reset their creative mindset for success.

+Rayne Dowell is a strategic Visual Storyteller teaching small business owners how to spread their message, attract customers and grow their business. 

+Nate Cunningham helps charities and organizations to interact with their fan base through Google Hangouts


About the Host, Meilani MacDonald

TGIF Host, Meilani.

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