Hello my peeps!

Today’s TGIF Business Networking Hangout episode features Darius Lahoutifard giving us a tour of his new webcasting service over at https://business-hangouts.com/.  Business Hangouts uses Google’s Hangouts on Air as it’s base webcasting system, but provided the added benefits of allowing non-Googlers to join in to view the webinar and participate in chat.  Viewers and chatting participants can sign in from LinkedIn and Facebook and more!!

As a Hangout host I can tell you the thought of having one place where all the questions and comments come in is just like a daydream covered in yummy blueberries and mint leaves!

Join us at 4pm when the broadcast begins. If you are signed in to Google+ and want to join in the HOA, send me a private chat message on Google+.  See you soon!