Hey There Bloomers!

Please join me on the TGIF Business Networking Hangout with special guest +Win Charles!  We’ll be discussing branding and rebranding, and Win’s story is a great one for this topic.

Win Charles

Win is an inspirational young woman who decided not to let her physical disability (CP) prevent her from becoming an artist, writer, and even triathlete!  All of this makes for a great inspirational speaker, and Win has found this to be her overall passion.


Join us to hear about how Win’s focus has changed from being an artist, opening her online store and selling artwork all by the time she was 20, to writing an autobiography and competing in a triathlon! All together, these individual stories when combined paint a picture of a compelling inspirational speaker who motivates people to never give up, never surrender!

Once Win had a different social profile and website for each facet, and now she is consolidating them all into one profile and one website that positions her as an inspirational figure and speaker first, while highlighting the art, writing and athletic endeavors as adventures that serve to provide Win with the experiences that make her such a compelling inspirational speaker.

Please come check out this very special guest on the TGIF Business Networking Hangout this Friday, Dec. 20th at 4pm pst!

The video link will be embedded in this post when it starts, so you can come back right here to watch it, or go to the TGIF Event listing on Google+.

Check out Win’s web site at http://authorwincharles.com

Want even more inspiration?  Click the link below to check out Win’s autobiography on Amazon.com:

I,Win (Hope and Life my journey as a woman with cerebral palsy living in a non- disabled world)