Testimonial from Rick Teisan, realtor:

Meilani’s first impression on you is caring about the problem you have at the moment.

I doubted whether Meilani could have the insights needed to help me in real estate. Then I attended a hangout on Google+ which she holds three times a month for members of her Blooming Business Club. It is a problem solving session attended by other members of Meilani’s business club who are willing to contribute to your problem. She moderates a sort of group therapy but always takes the lead summarizing, condensing and integrating the advice into your operations in such a way that your problem no longer exists.

She starts by helping you to specify your personal goals and objectives and goals and objectives for your business. Constantly relating your direction and efforts back to these underpinnings of everything you do, she encourages rather than scolds you so that you are compelled to faithfully follow your goals.

Meilani helps you focus in on your ideal customer in such a way that you gain insights into how to reach him, attract him and get him to make the buying decision. Next she connects you to the array of software needed to launch you into social media so that it works with your operations. Mining the data available in social media, she is able to show you what is relevant to what you are doing and what is not.

For solopreneurs, this kind of attention to your struggles and concerns is invaluable. You are not alone. You have Meilani with the expertise developed from dealing with a thousand entrepreneurs just like you with problems just like yours. I am grateful for her and would recommend her to anyone starting or running a small business.

Rick Teisan, realtor

Rick Teisan, realtor

Rick Teisan, J.D.
California Real Estate Broker
Miracle Hill Realty / Marijuana Hill Realty
June 10, 2016