Meilani’s Stock Art – Free to Use for Meilani’s Blooming Business Members!

Hey There Business Bloomers!

Below these instructions you’ll find some nice galleries of stock photos and stock art for use by members of Meilani’s Blooming Business Club!  Please bookmark this page and check back when you need an image. I will be adding more and more images along the way!

Please note I am granting limited usage license only; I am not transferring ownership or owner associated rights.


What you may do with these images:

  • you may use these stock images on your own web site
  • you may use these stock images in your printed materials promoting your own business
  • you may use these stock images in blog posts, social media posts, and to create memes which promote your own business – please provide a credit link back to for this use. If you create a meme, you may include your web site but please also include “image provided by” No need for the credit lines to stand out, you are promoting your biz after all, but included in fine print somewhere would be nice.   These credit requests are not mandatory, but they would be greatly appreciated.


What you may NOT do with these images:

  • you may not sell these images
  • you may not use these images on any products that you sell
  • you may not use these images for your clients’ web sites, socials, or printed materials – they are for Blooming Business Club Members only


To download an image:

Click on the image you want to use. When it opens in a new page, right click and choose “save image”





Spring Collection