Hey Business Bloomers!

You all know I offer a lot of classes, workshops and trainings via Google+ Hangouts, as well as host a video show, the TGIF Business Networking Hangout, that gets broadcast live over YouTube twice a month.  I have guests that I interview on TGIF, as well as other people who come in just to participate, and those who take my classes.

This great little 13 minute video by The Hangout Helper himself, Mr. +Ronnie Bincer, is a great “quick start” sort of guide for people interested in participating in a Hangout as a guest.  If you’ve never been in a Hangout before, check out this great little video.

Ronnie is a great add to your circles, btw, he’s always putting this great stuff out for us.  I do teach people how to do all this stuff in my classes, but Ronnie’s niche really is video, so when someone wants advanced video or Hangout help, Ronnie is the guy I send them to!

Click Here for Easy, Step by Step Instructions for How to Create a Free Google Account and Get Into My Hangouts.