Hey There Business Bloomers!

As we all know, today’s technologies allow us to easily become self-published authors. Even so, being a published author lends authority when you are speaking to your audience. But like with anything else, it’s not an “easy button” you get to push – there are best practices for writers before, during and after the job of writing the book is done.

+Martin Shervington is one of the best resources you can circle over on Google+, and he recently put out this great post that is a handy reference for those who want to self-publish.  Martin hosts some really great Hangouts over on Google+, and he’s got listed here some of the best Hangouts he’s hosted for aspiring authors, featuring well known and respected folks who have successfully self published, sharing their experiences and advice for those wanting to put out a book.

So go ahead and check out Martin’s post, and go watch some of those Hangouts. You’ll be glad you did 🙂