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How to Hold a Hangout on Air with Your Mobile Device, by Ronnie Bincer

How to Hold a Hangout on Air with Your Mobile Device, by Ronnie Bincer Hey there peeps you know I LOVE me some +Ronnie Bincer, he is the advanced Hangouts go-to guy over on Google+, and I learn so much from his posts.  Ronnie is not disappointing us with this one!  Recently returned from some great nerdy techfest where Ronnie did a lot of HOA broadcasts on his mobile gadgets, he’s now sharing what he learned about doing HOAs from mobile gadgets with the rest of us.  Thanks for this awesome info, Ronnie!  And those of you who stumble onto this post… go circle Ronnie. You won’t regret it 🙂  ... read more

Dr. Simone Ravicz Shares Stress Busting Brain Science

Hey Business Bloomers!   My stream of consciousness, “ooh there’s something cool I’m gonna share it” posts tend to happen mostly on Google+.   I know, I know, I’m supposed to put it on my web site blog, then share that around.  But hey when you’re in the moment, you don’t always want to leave, go sign in, write the post, format it, etc etc etc and then go share.  The share moment that you get when you see something and go “ooooh!” is just gone for me by then sometimes.  So I just get it out on Google+ while it’s still hot on my mind. Fortunately, I can come back later and embed those posts here.  Sweet!     Check out Dr. Simone’s books on Thriving with Your Autoimmune Disorder: A Woman’s Mind-Body Guide High on Stress: A Woman’s Guide to Optimizing the Stress in Her Life  ... read more

Martin Shervington’s Resources for Writers on Google+

Hey There Business Bloomers! As we all know, today’s technologies allow us to easily become self-published authors. Even so, being a published author lends authority when you are speaking to your audience. But like with anything else, it’s not an “easy button” you get to push – there are best practices for writers before, during and after the job of writing the book is done. +Martin Shervington is one of the best resources you can circle over on Google+, and he recently put out this great post that is a handy reference for those who want to self-publish.  Martin hosts some really great Hangouts over on Google+, and he’s got listed here some of the best Hangouts he’s hosted for aspiring authors, featuring well known and respected folks who have successfully self published, sharing their experiences and advice for those wanting to put out a book. So go ahead and check out Martin’s post, and go watch some of those Hangouts. You’ll be glad you did... read more

Tips for Guests in a Hangout or Hangout on Air

Hey Business Bloomers! You all know I offer a lot of classes, workshops and trainings via Google+ Hangouts, as well as host a video show, the TGIF Business Networking Hangout, that gets broadcast live over YouTube twice a month.  I have guests that I interview on TGIF, as well as other people who come in just to participate, and those who take my classes. This great little 13 minute video by The Hangout Helper himself, Mr. +Ronnie Bincer, is a great “quick start” sort of guide for people interested in participating in a Hangout as a guest.  If you’ve never been in a Hangout before, check out this great little video. Ronnie is a great add to your circles, btw, he’s always putting this great stuff out for us.  I do teach people how to do all this stuff in my classes, but Ronnie’s niche really is video, so when someone wants advanced video or Hangout help, Ronnie is the guy I send them to! Click Here for Easy, Step by Step Instructions for How to Create a Free Google Account and Get Into My Hangouts.  ... read more

Changes to Google’s Hangouts Interface

AAAaaaah, the wonderful +Ronnie Bincer over on Google+ always does a great job of giving us a heads up when there are changes afoot relating to Google Hangouts and Hangouts on Air!  Here’s a post from November 1, 2013 with info which people who host Hangouts will want to know about!... read more


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