DBA Speed Networking Mixer Peeps – It was a pleasure to meet you!



Pleasure to Meet You!

It was a pleasure to meet DBA members and guests at the speed networking meeting on 04.07.2014!


The Desert Business Association held one of their semi-regular Speed Networking mixers on Monday, 04.07.2014.

I love these things!

During a speed networking mixer the tables are set up in a U-Shape, with chairs on the inside and the outside of the table. Participants take seats facing each other. At the Go signal, one of the pair has 30 to 45 seconds to tell the other about their business.  Can you say Elevator Speech? 

After both parties have had their elevator speech opportunity, the buzzer rings and all the folks on the inside switch chairs, moving one seat over, so everyone now has a new person sitting across from them.  And on it goes, until the end of the musical chairs line. You get to meet a lot of people in a short amount of time and suss out who is a good connection, who might need your services, whose services you could use.


You also get a chance to perfect that 30 second Elevator Speech. For example, were you asked the same question a lot? What did they want to know? Can you work that into your 30 second introduction?  Remember, it’s not about cramming all the details in there that you can do in that time. It’s about how you can help them, solve a challenge or fulfill a need.

Speed Networking Rocks!


So Who Did I Meet?

I met these wonderful people! Look how many, all at one mixer. Woohoo!

  • Kenneth White
  • Bruce Douglan
  • Roland Thompson
  • John Thatcher
  • Dick Burkett
  • Fred L. McGilvrey
  • Anna Risse
  • Linda Drasheff
  • Brad Fuhr
  • Edward Lopatin
  • Steve Seager
  • Eric A. Rudolph
  • Victor Ide
  • Bob Machado
  • Dennis Grau
  • Dominique Fruchtman

Are you in that list? Please leave a comment with a link to your biz 🙂 This section is for networking so network away!’


It was a pleasure to meet you!

I hope we will connect again locally soon 🙂  In the meantime, let’s connect on Google+, PinterestFacebook, or Twitter!


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