Meilani's Blooming Business Club

Join the club to receive $500 worth of workshops and consulting sessions each month, for one low monthly membership fee designed specifically for solopreneurs on a budget!


Meilani's Blooming Business Club

Most solopreneurs, especially when just starting out, are faced with a tight budget and a task load that can seem overwhelming now that they are doing it all themselves.  To help these solopreneurs get organized and stay focused on their goals, Meilani hosts monthly members-only meetings 3 times a month consisting of 1 topical workshop and 2 "Consultant is IN" Hangout sessions.

During the "Consultant is IN" sessions,  Meilani guides club members in:

  • discussing their challenges
  • brainstorming solutions
  • setting goals
  • creating action steps
  • reviewing progress
  • providing each other ongoing support and encouragement (especially important for solopreneurs!)

These planning and accountability sessions have proven to be very helpful to club members as they lay out their business path.

Testimonials - see what club members have to say:


Gene Shaw Testimonial


But Wait, There's More!

In addition to the monthly topical workshop and 2 monthly guided Hangout sessions, members enjoy access to a library of recorded workshops on topics including building a strong brand identity, marketing, and social media outreach...all for only $27/month!

In summary, Meilani's Blooming Business Club members receive one live workshop ($200 value) plus two "Consultant is IN" Hangout Sessions ($300 value) - that's $500 worth of training and consulting time each month, all included in the ultra low monthly membership dues of only $35/month!  This is YOUR opportunity to get great service value on your solopreneur budget!

Are you ready to take advantage of these great member benefits? Here's how to join the club:

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