Meilani's Resume Accessory

Adding some bling to the boring

Why Meilani is a Great Match for Escape Room Palm Springs


Exhibit A:

Meilani recognizes the awesomeness of and enjoys immersive experiences, both in virtual worlds and in the real one.



This photo was taken at a Harry Potter convention in Las Vegas. Yes we dressed up for the occasion. Yes the magic is real. But don’t worry, I only use magic for good. I would never curse anyone to be a vampire with no safe haven! Really!      

Exhibit B:

Meilani enjoys the thrill of doing something a little dangerous as entertainment, recognizing that there is no actual real life danger.

This photo is entitled “pic worth dying for.” My druid swam alongside a boss whose mere casual glance would kill her, just so I could get this pic. What a gal! But she always was a bit of a thrill seeker. One of her favorite pastimes was sneaking into Horde cities and making mischief there.    

Exhibit C:

Meilani enjoys a good puzzle.

Treasure Map

Here we see my character deciphering a cryptic map that will lead her to treasure. X marks the spot!

Exhibit D:

Meilani knows the value of team building and team work.


My wonderful guild and I take the requisite victory photo after a thrilling battle with a dungeon boss, from which the team emerged victorious and unscathed. Well, ok, maybe a little scathed, but still victorious! And still a team.      

Exhibit E:

Perhaps most importantly, Meilani recognizes the value of having FUN!

Winner's Delight

Oh the thrill of victory! Oh the agony of defeat! But above all, Oh the joy of having fun, no matter the outcome!

I’ve never been the guy that beats down the dungeon newbie for making mistakes that cost lives. Nope, I (and my wonderful guild) were the ones that laughed it off, reminding them it’s all about having fun and you’ve gotta learn sometime. Better yet, we were the ones that helped the newbie learn how to do it better, and invited them back to try again, and bring their friends with them.  Because people who are having fun, regardless of whether they escape or not, will come back to try again and will bring their friends with them. And that is good for business.


This concludes the exhibit of accessories that bring the bling to Meilani’s resume.

I’ve cast my die, and now it’s time for the dungeon master to read it and tell me: do I move on along the path to an interview, or do I die by the wayside, with nary a resurrection to be had?


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