Welcome to Meilani's Blooming Business Club!

Congratulations! You are now a member of Meilani's Blooming Business Club! Workshops, Consulting Sessions, and Great Resources Await You!

Welcome to Meilani’s Blooming Business Club!

Congratulations, you are now a member, and can enjoy lots of great benefits at your fingertips!


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Where Will You Find Those Resources?

You can now join the private Meilani’s Blooming Business Community on Google+, where you can easily find all those resources gathered in one place.


What Will You Find in the Community?
  • Hangout presentations and workshops archives
  • Direct access to Meilani and the other club members
  • Questions and Answers
  • Great posts and resources for small business owners and solopreneurs

How to Access Meilani’s Blooming Business Community on Google+

To access Meilani’s Blooming Business Community on Google+, you must be signed in to your Google account.

1) Look for a notification from Meilani that you have been invited to join the community.
Your notifications are in the little circle next to your profile icon at the top right of Gmail and other Google owned pages.

2) Once you have received your invite, go to the Meilani’s Blooming Business Community page.
If you haven’t received your invite yet, please send me a text message and let me know you need an invite. You can send a text (sms) message to me at 760.537.0158 or MeilaniMacDonald@gmail.com

3) Be sure to bookmark Meilani’s Blooming Business Community
Then you can easily find it whenever you want to access member resources!


What If You Don’t Have a Google Account Yet?

If you don’t yet have a Google account:

1) Go to accounts.google.com to sign up. If you have a Gmail account, you can sign in using your gmail info.


How to Send Me an Instant Message using Google Hangouts:

1) Go to hangouts.google.com

2) Choose Message – this will open a contacts box

3) Type my email address (MeilaniMacDonald@gmail.com) in the contacts list box

4) Send me a message!
You’ll get a pop-up message box to send me a message. Please include your phone number if you need more help.


Remember to bookmark the link to the community so you can find it again!

Then come on in and get started! Start by introducing yourself and your business in the “Introductions” thread, and then go to the “Blooming Business Hangouts” thread to take advantage of all the recorded workshops and video lessons!


Mark Your Calendar for the Blooming Business Hangout Sessions

Mark your calendar for the 1st, 2nd and 4th Fridays of every month, from noon – 1:00pm pst, for the live Blooming Business Hangouts! Regular reminders for the Hangouts will be posted in Meilani’s Blooming Business Community over on Google+.


Extra Bonus Member Benefit!

In addition to the 3 times a month Blooming Business Hangout sessions, club members enjoy greatly discounted pricing on private consulting sessions! If the club Hangout session got you going on a roll and you want to keep going, book a private consulting session and we’ll continue working.

Private Consulting Session Rates

Private Consulting Session regular rates:  $100/hr

Private Consulting Session member rates:  $50/hr for first 2 hours per month, $35/hr for 3 or more hours booked per month.

FREE hour for every new paying member you bring into the club!