Fire, Fire Everywhere

Only a few weeks since the last big fire sent smoke and ash into the Coachella Valley, the Silver Fire burns and turns our skies smoky again. My spouse captured this photo yesterday late afternoon…

Smoke from Silver Fire

…and when darkness fell we could see the flames on the ridgetops.  We took these photos from our back porch.

Silver Fire flames on ridge at night


Last night was really windy, and it just fanned the flames, causing bright flare ups here and there, like the ones in this pic:

Silver Fire flames on ridge at night


The smaller red dots in the foreground are the windmills. The white dots are probably cars on the I-10 freeway.

Here’s a pic taken of the same general area, earlier this year – you can get some perspective with the windmills and mountains:

mountain and windmills


Best time to visit?  Spring and Winter!  The spring wildflower displays are amazing, but I will save that for a future post 🙂