Two years ago today I lost my furbaby Silver Phantom to that evil monster, cancer.

7 years ago this month I lost my mom to that same monster. This is why I have a hard time getting excited about December’s festivities.

My heart SilverPhantom

Silver Phantom, the phantom of my heart

Today as I remember my darling child, I am grateful for the 15 years we spent together. I am grateful I was able to give him the care he needed and deserved as he declined. I am grateful I was able to hold him in my arms when he left us and his pain behind and found peace. I am grateful for the amazing love he brought to my life.



Our precious girl Tots

I am also grateful for the most recent addition to our family, our precious puppy Tots, who joined us five months ago when my spouse found her abandoned under a bush up the street. It is because of Tots that my heart is healing, and she has brought the kind of laughter back into my life that I hadn’t experienced in, literally, years. She may even have the ability to banish the bah, humbug out of me yet.



Sundance the Handsome

So today I remember my lost baby Silver, and I’m grateful. Grateful for the life he spent with me. Grateful for the life I have ahead with Tots. Grateful that Silver’s brother, Sundance, is still with us after 18 years and NOT suffering from cancer!  Sundance, may you continue to age peacefully and be with us for as long as you desire. 

It’s like I have my own 3 spirits, holidays past w/Silver, holidays present w/Sundance, and holidays future w/Totsy, and with spirits like that around me I know I’m surrounded by love.