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Because life happens too. Furchildren (some call them pets), pretty skies, and Hula Girl.

Good Morning, Mt. San Jacinto!

Just another lovely sunrise on the mountains bordering beautiful Palm Springs, CA, as viewed from Desert Hot Springs, CA, up the street.  Woot!  We got cold weather yesterday and you can see a bit of snow up there now. Yesterday the clouds began to roll in… can you see the faint rainbow? All in all, just another couple of days in paradise... read more

Just Another Beautiful Desert Sunrise

Hello My Peeps, just thought I’d share a recent beautiful, desert October sunrise with you all. This is Mt. San Jacinto, which borders Palm Springs, CA to the south. It is the second highest mountain peak in Southern California at 10,833 ft.   Palm Springs and the other cities that lie within the Coachella Valley are bordered to the south by the San Jacinto and Santa Rosa Mountains National Monument mountain range. Here’s a longer view of Mt. San Jacinto and the Santa Rosa Mountains:     The Coachella Valley is bordered to the north by the Little San Bernardino Mountains. Here is a beautiful desert sunrise shot of the foothills coming out of the Little San Bernardino Mountains:     I live amongst those foothills so it’s a pretty close up shot. This is from the front yard.  The other pics above were from the back porch. I feel blessed to be here every single day!  No matter what the future may hold, the sunrises and sunsets, moonrises and moonsets that I’ve experienced living here will be reminders that there is always something to be grateful for... read more

Beautiful Blue Moon, August 20, 2013

What can I say, I live in a little Paradise! Tonight is a Blue Moon, and it’s a beauty. Took these from my front yard. It’s soooo bright outside, the mountains are bathed in a luminous blanket of loveliness.  How blessed we are 🙂                And the following morning the beautiful Blue Moon Goddess greeted us again.  I took these pics this morning, August 21, 2013.  Thank you moon goddess for your bright blessings!  ... read more

Palm Springs Weather – Hot and Smoky Fire with Chance of Falling Ash

Fire, Fire Everywhere Only a few weeks since the last big fire sent smoke and ash into the Coachella Valley, the Silver Fire burns and turns our skies smoky again. My spouse captured this photo yesterday late afternoon… …and when darkness fell we could see the flames on the ridgetops.  We took these photos from our back porch.   Last night was really windy, and it just fanned the flames, causing bright flare ups here and there, like the ones in this pic:   The smaller red dots in the foreground are the windmills. The white dots are probably cars on the I-10 freeway. Here’s a pic taken of the same general area, earlier this year – you can get some perspective with the windmills and mountains:   Best time to visit?  Spring and Winter!  The spring wildflower displays are amazing, but I will save that for a future post 🙂... read more

Earthquakes and Lightning and Waterspouts, Oh My!

My longtime bff, Sandie in Florida, sent me this picture that was taken by her coworker on the way home from work a couple of days ago. It is a waterspout that formed in water off the causeway the person was driving on. The causeway is a man made piece of land that goes across the water body, put there so people could drive from one place to the other across the waterway instead of going all the way around.  So yeah, this person was driving home and oh look there’s a water spout!  A water spout is a tornado over the water, that sucks the water up into its swirlyness, making a water spout.  I know, I know, TOTALLY COOL, right?   Right!!  Unless you’re stuck in traffic on the causeway and it’s coming towards you.  Or it goes over the land and dumps a bunch of seawater on your building. When I moved to California, a lot of people made comments to me about earthquakes, like “aren’t you afraid of earthquakes?” and “aren’t they scary” and “I don’t know how you could live there!” Yes, big earthquakes are scary, or ones that are very close by. But for me personally they just don’t hold a candle in scariness to hurricanes and tornadoes, or to the kind of wrath of Zeus lightning storms that happened on a regular basis in Florida. The waterspout photo, for example, is breathtaking and wondrous and cool, however it is also very ominous. Look at those dark clouds!  I am afraid of skylines that look like that, and you know why? Because I... read more

I’m a Fangirl and I Know It

Hello, my name is Meilani MacDonald, and I am a Fangirl. There you go I have gone and said it, and I am not at all ashamed!  I remember a time when being a fangirl meant you were a nerdy geek, and unlike now, back then being a nerdy geek was not cool. One of my lifetime best friends, Sandie, is the person who turned me on to the show Big Bang Theory. Sandie loves the show, and because of it knows what Dungeons & Dragons is.  She recently told me, “Now I know what you were doing back in high school when you went off to play Dungeons & Dragons!  I had no idea what it was back then. Then I watched Big Bang Theory and thought ‘oh wow, a game where you totally make stuff up as you go along. That’s so Meilani. No wonder she loved it!’  So I just wanted to tell you that I finally get it, lol!” I’m so glad that being a Fangirl or Fanboy is finally recognized for being the awesome coolness that it is!... read more

My Afternoon Visitors

I love my home in the desert! I get the greatest visitors who come remind me every day to take a little break from work and enjoy their company.  This week I got lucky and caught them on … on… electrons?  I almost said “film.” In any case, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do 🙂 Say hello to Mr. Quail 🙂  Not pictured are Mrs. Quail and their 3 cute little kids. SO CUTE too. Sorry, they were just too fast, lol. You can tell this fella is male because he is so colorful and has that thingie on his head. The females are less colorful and don’t have that thingie on their heads. The kids are just the cutest tiny little puffballs when they are babies, and as they grow into adolescents they are still kinda just brownish, but then as they mature the colors begin to come out and we see the males and females. I’ve counted as many as 24 in my yard when baby season is around. But the numbers diminish as some of them become food for other wildlife here like coyotes and owls and hawks.  One time I saw a red tailed hawk swoop down and grab one right from under our big ficus tree, then Mr. Hawk flew into the tree onto a big main branch where he proceeded to eat the poor critter he had caught.  I went and looked around at the branch and the ground after he was done, and there was nothing left to show he had ever been there.  Not a drop of blood on the... read more


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