I love my home in the desert!

I get the greatest visitors who come remind me every day to take a little break from work and enjoy their company.  This week I got lucky and caught them on … on… electrons?  I almost said “film.” In any case, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do 🙂

Say hello to Mr. Quail 🙂  Not pictured are Mrs. Quail and their 3 cute little kids. SO CUTE too. Sorry, they were just too fast, lol. You can tell this fella is male because he is so colorful and has that thingie on his head. The females are less colorful and don’t have that thingie on their heads. The kids are just the cutest tiny little puffballs when they are babies, and as they grow into adolescents they are still kinda just brownish, but then as they mature the colors begin to come out and we see the males and females.

Mr. Quail

I’ve counted as many as 24 in my yard when baby season is around. But the numbers diminish as some of them become food for other wildlife here like coyotes and owls and hawks.  One time I saw a red tailed hawk swoop down and grab one right from under our big ficus tree, then Mr. Hawk flew into the tree onto a big main branch where he proceeded to eat the poor critter he had caught.  I went and looked around at the branch and the ground after he was done, and there was nothing left to show he had ever been there.  Not a drop of blood on the branch, not a feather on the ground.  Quite fastidious is Mr. Hawk!

Next up we have Mr. Roadrunner.  This guy is just a teen I think. His daddy was huge, but we’re afraid he may have been hit by a car 🙁  At least daddy had a few babies first.  Mr. Roadrunner likes to hunt for lizards in our yard.

Roadrunner 2



And, if you’d like to see Mr. Roadrunner’s little tail go up and down, watch this clip 🙂