Hello My Peeps, just thought I’d share a recent beautiful, desert October sunrise with you all.

This is Mt. San Jacinto, which borders Palm Springs, CA to the south. It is the second highest mountain peak in Southern California at 10,833 ft.

beautiful Desert sunrise October 2013 -01


Palm Springs and the other cities that lie within the Coachella Valley are bordered to the south by the San Jacinto and Santa Rosa Mountains National Monument mountain range. Here’s a longer view of Mt. San Jacinto and the Santa Rosa Mountains:


beautiful Desert sunrise October 2013 -02


The Coachella Valley is bordered to the north by the Little San Bernardino Mountains. Here is a beautiful desert sunrise shot of the foothills coming out of the Little San Bernardino Mountains:


beautiful Desert sunrise October 2013 -03


I live amongst those foothills so it’s a pretty close up shot. This is from the front yard.  The other pics above were from the back porch. I feel blessed to be here every single day!  No matter what the future may hold, the sunrises and sunsets, moonrises and moonsets that I’ve experienced living here will be reminders that there is always something to be grateful for 🙂