Hello, my name is Meilani MacDonald, and I am a Fangirl.

There you go I have gone and said it, and I am not at all ashamed!  I remember a time when being a fangirl meant you were a nerdy geek, and unlike now, back then being a nerdy geek was not cool.

One of my lifetime best friends, Sandie, is the person who turned me on to the show Big Bang Theory.

Big Bang Theory - The Love Spell Potential

Sandie loves the show, and because of it knows what Dungeons & Dragons is.  She recently told me,

“Now I know what you were doing back in high school when you went off to play Dungeons & Dragons!  I had no idea what it was back then. Then I watched Big Bang Theory and thought ‘oh wow, a game where you totally make stuff up as you go along. That’s so Meilani. No wonder she loved it!’  So I just wanted to tell you that I finally get it, lol!”

I’m so glad that being a Fangirl or Fanboy is finally recognized for being the awesome coolness that it is!