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Because life happens too. Furchildren (some call them pets), pretty skies, and Hula Girl.

Hello from Hula Girl

Hula Girl lives on a dashboard     This is the journal of her travels.       Hula Girl doesn’t really get out much, but when she does, she goes somewhere nice.    ... read more

Hula Girl Goes to a Big City. Ew!

Hula Girl went on a drive to a big city when her family went to go visit their family, who were visiting from out of state. Hula Girl really liked seeing her family so happy to be visiting their relatives!
She really did not like big city driving at all, no not at all 🙁 🙁 🙁

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Remembering Silver Phantom

Today as I remember my darling child, I am grateful for the 15 years we spent together. I am grateful I was able to give him the care he needed and deserved as he declined. I am grateful I was able to hold him in my arms when he left us and his pain behind and found peace. I am grateful for the amazing love he brought to my life.

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Totsy’s Bath: Aftermath

My puppy, Tots, is just the sweetest, most well-behaved puppy ever, evidenced by the way she lets me give her a bath with minimal fuss, even though she doesn’t really dig it. She knows it won’t hurt her, and she knows we want to give her a bath, and so she just politely deals with it until it’s over.

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