Meilani’s Blooming Business Club May 2014 Workshop: Google Drive and Apps

Hey There Business Bloomers!  The May 2014 workshop for Meilani’s Blooming Business Club is all about Google Drive and the apps found there, including Google Docs, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Forms and Draw!  If you’ve ever wished for all the functionality offered by MSOffice but didn’t want the price tag that comes with it, Google Drive and its apps are a great alternative that won’t cost you, well, anything!  That’s right, these wonderful apps are all free to use, thanks to the folks at Google!


Meilani's Blooming Business Club May workshop:  Google Drive and Apps


Mark your calendars now!

Then join me on Wednesday, May 7, 2014 from 9am – 11am pst for this great workshop on how to use Google Drive and the apps found in it.


How Much Does This Workshop Cost?

This workshop is FREE for members of Meilani’s Blooming Business Club, or $35 for non-members.

Click here for more information on joining Meilani’s Blooming Business Club, which brings valuable workshops, video lessons, free to use stock art and other great resources to members, all for less than $1 a day!


Ready to join the workshop?  Here’s What to Do Next!

For the least expensive option, join Meilani’s Blooming Business Club:

Buds Level – you don’t get to join us live, but you do get to access the recorded workshop video any time you want, so you can watch when it is most convenient for you! Click here to join as a Buds level member (costs less than 25 cents a day, woot!)

Blooms Level – you get to join in the workshops live, and you’ll also be invited to join the private Meilani’s Blooming Business Community on Google+, where you will have regular access to Meilani to chat, ask questions, get feedback, and find lots and lots of great resources posted by Meilani and your fellow MBBClub members, including past workshop videos and more.  Community members are also encouraged to share their own great events and happenings, with a whole thread dedicated to your promotions!  All for less than $1 a day!  Click here to join as a Blooms level member.


Not ready to join the club? It’s ok, you can still purchase a seat!

Purchase a seat in this workshop by clicking on the PayPal button below.  Please include both your name, and the name on your Google+ profile (in case it is different).  I need your Google+ profile info in order to invite you into the Hangout.  If you are purchasing the seat for someone else, please input the attending person’s name and Google+ profile name.  If you don’t have a Google+ profile yet, please create your free Google account before purchasing your workshop seat.


Name of Person Attending
Your Google+ profile name


Should all the workshop seats be filled, a 2nd session will be scheduled to ensure you get to join in this great workshop on Google Drive and Apps!


How to Get Into the Workshop

This workshop will be held via Google Hangout – you don’t even have to leave your home or office to join in! However, you DO need to have a free Google account – we will be using Google apps after all, which require a Google account to use them. But never fear, creating a Google account is EASY and FREE!

1. The first step is to join Google+ if you don’t already have an account

Just click here for easy, step-by-step instructions (with lots of screenshots, woohoo!) for how to create your free account, send me a message on Google+, and get into my Hangouts.


2. Send me a private message on Google+ and include:

  • Name of person to be invited into workshop.  I also need a link to their Google+ profile in order to invite them to come into the workshop, so please include it (the link in #1 above shows how to do that).
  • Which workshop you wish to attend, the 9am morning session OR the 3pm afternoon session. 


3.  Look for the Invite to Join the Hangout:

On workshop day, Wed., May 7, 2014, at 15 minutes BEFORE your workshop time (8:45am), go to Meilani’s Google+ page and you will find the invite to join in the workshop Hangout there. It will be a post that includes a “Join Hangout” button, and it will look something like this:


Join Hangout post looks like this


4. Click “Join Hangout” and you will be taken into the Hangout room!  

Be sure to look for the invite post 15 minutes early so you can get settled in, learn how to add your name stripe at the bottom of the screen, and be ready to go when the workshop begins at 9am!

If this is your first time joining a Hangout, you’ll be prompted to allow Google to download and install your mic and cam plugins.  Allow it, and it will automatically install the plugins and then take you into the Hangout. For best results, use the Google Chrome browser. The other browsers sometimes get hungup on the plugin step and then we have technical issues 🙁

Be sure to come in at least 15 minutes early to ensure we have this stuff worked out BEFORE the workshop begins! At 9am, we stop working on tech issues and get on with the workshop. I will open the room a half hour early for anyone who wants to come in that early to make sure all is working or to do some early networking!


That’s it!  See you in the workshop!!  If you know any friends or colleagues who want to learn about Google Drive, Docs and the other apps, please share this post with them. Cheers!