Aaaah Yes Grasshopper, Practice *Does* Make Perfect


Hey there Business peeps, I’ve got to ask you… How many of you have either hosted or been a guest on a Google Hangout? How many of you have ever given a live presentation, or delivered a speech in front of an audience?

Did you prepare for your presentation? Did you practice using whatever technologies you were using to present?

Before you go further… if long ass posts aren’t your cup of tea, you can just scroll down and watch the little short video instead. But reading is fun, you know?


The Back Story

I’ve teamed up with another awesome connection I met on Google+, namely, +John Jurkiewicz. Let me tell you, John is pretty awesome at closing the sale. And I just wasn’t comfy with that. And I’m pretty awesome at marketing, when I am really motivated to do it. And John wasn’t so comfy with that.

So John and I got together and helped each other out. He taught me so much about getting the sale, and what he taught me solved the biggest challenge I faced when it came to making the sale: my own inner blocks against selling!

I taught John that everything he does either adds to or takes away from a solid brand identity, and gave him tips on how to strengthen his branding, to be always reinforcing and cultivating and nurturing his brand identity.


Which Brings Us To…

One day whilst we were chatting in a Hangout, John and I realized that what we offered would make a pretty useful and nifty package as a joint presentation. We were lamenting that we’ve seen so many marketing prezzies out there, and a few sales prezzies, but not so many that provided both marketing and sales! And after all, what is marketing good for without the sale at the end of all that promoting? And what good is knowing how to sell, if you don’t have any audience to sell to? Marketing and Sales go hand and hand to bring success!


Alright Alright, Get to the Practice Part Already, Geesh!

So John and I created a great Marketing and Sales 101 presentation that we are offering for free. We made a fancy slideshow, and decided to do this presentation via Hangout. We will be offering additional workshops too, and we decided to use the Business Hangouts app for those workshops, because with Business Hangouts, people don’t have to be on Google+ to view the presentation or join in the chat discussion.

I’ve not used Business Hangouts before, and while John has participated in them he has not hosted them. So, this was new technology for us to use. Fortunately, we did all our practice runs using Business Hangouts, even though our first, free presentation will be done using a regular Google Hangout on Air.

I say “fortunately” because, having done so, I shudder to think how our first LIVE Business Hangout presentation would go IF we had not done these practice runs first! Let me tell ya, when it comes to using new tools and technologies, if it can go wrong, it will go wrong! And you don’t want all that wrongness happening during a live broadcast, lol! No fault of the apps or technology mind you, just us, not knowing how to use it yet.

“Woops! I pressed button A when I was supposed to press button B, and instead of switching the screen I just kicked you out of the room. Sorry!

Yeah, that’s just no fun at all. So to sum up this long ass words of wisdom post, “Practice Makes Perfect!” So practice, Grasshopper, practice!


Free Presentation: Social Media Marketing & Sales 101

Tuesday, July 21, 2015  •  9:00am pst / 11:00am cst / 12 noon est

Join me, +Meilani MacDonald, and my cohort and cohost, +John Jurkiewicz, for a free presentation on Social Media Marketing & Sales 101!  <— Just click on that link to go to the Google+ Event page where you can watch the presentation, and post your questions and comments right on the event page. A Google+ account is required to post comments, but anyone can watch the live video broadcast! Woot!