Hey There Business Bloomers! 

Check out this great post on “Trending” from Meilani’s Blooming Business Club member +Brian Rouley! There’s some really nifty links here to where you can find out what’s trending now.  In his post, Brian asks, “Do you first have to find out what is trending? If you have ideas on how to board that train, send details.”

Well Brian, I can show you how to board that train!  

What’s Trending” means what’s hot now, what is being searched the most.  The terms you see coming up in “what’s trending” are search terms that people are using. You’ll see this often in the entertainment industry, for example. Say some celebrity is in a gossip magazine with their latest scandal – many people might see that and do a search for that celebrity. That celebrity’s name becomes of the hottest searches – it is what’s trending. 

How can you use trending information to your advantage?

Well it’s really great during current events. I’ll give an example – you might remember the Barilla pasta drama that was all over the news last October. The Barilla pasta company’s chairman put his foot in his mouth during a very public interview in which the subject of advertising imagery for the company came up, as related to the makeup of modern families. The chairman, Guido Barilla, said (in reference to same sex families):

“That’s fine if they like our pasta and our communication, they can eat them. Otherwise, they can eat another pasta.

Well, as you might imagine, that little statement didn’t go over so well, and it didn’t go over so well in a very big way. It was all over the news and a boycott was born!  Thus, “Barilla” became a trending topic.  

Meanwhile, Bertolli, a competitor to Barilla, quickly reacted and posted this whimsical photo to their FB page, along with the caption Sauce for All:

Bertolli "Sauce for All" post on FB

All those people who vowed never to buy Barilla again decided they would buy Bertolli instead. Thus, “Bertolli” was now also trending.  

I watched all this with great interest as a marketer, and with glee as someone who supports equal rights. This was a big marketing win for Bertolli, and I knew this story would make a great marketing and brand identity case study post for my audience of small business owners and solopreneurs.  Plus I could take advantage of the trending terms, Barilla and Bertolli.

So then I wrote this post:  Barilla and Bertolli – A Tale of Two Pastas: Lessons in Marketing and Brand Identity

Now, because the terms Barilla and Bertolli were trending, this post took advantage of those terms and showed up in searches for them.  So I took a current trending event, was able to put out something useful relating to that event, and got great mileage from it. This post was retweeted and shared more than most.

There are people who take advantage of trending terms just by throwing up a post in the “Hey look at this” variety, but really if you want to build value along with audience, you should really try to pick and choose trending topics that you write about, and use ones that are actually useful to your audience. The post mentioned above did well for me because it was a marketing case study that was current and relevant to my audience