Hey There Business Bloomers!

Today I’ve been editing, so I can post this month’s Meilani’s Blooming Business Hangout workshop today. February’s workshop was “How to Create Your Social Media Strategy Plan.”

During the workshop, I asked participant +Win Charles to tell us one of her overall Business Objectives, after which we would discuss some Social Media Objectives that support her biz objective. After all, the reason you spend time and effort on social media is to build up, support, and strengthen your business and your brand.

Win said that she gives away too much free time. She is an inspirational and motivational figure, a young woman with CP who has a mighty mission to bridge the worlds between the able-bodied and the not so able-bodied.  As such, she posts a lot of inspirational quotes and sayings.

As a result, many of Win’s fans contact her for inspiration and advice, which until now Win has been generous with. However, as her fan base grows, and more and more people reach out to her this way, if she continues to give her time away for free she won’t have any time left for generating income.

So, Win’s Objective in this example is to monetize her time.  She needs to stop giving away so much free time.  Win has one of those pop-up “contact me” boxes on her web site that offers to set up a consultation.  This is free consultation, not paid for. This short clip is part of the discussion we had, and poses the question (and answer!), “What is the Purpose of a Free Consultation?”

During this discussion there was one slide showing in the presentation that wasn’t really to do with consultations, so I replaced it with a nice still image from the workshop. Hope you don’t mind. The smile is nicer to look at than the slide in this case 🙂