Does your website flow like water or honey?

By: Carla Wynn, Contributing Author

Congratulations Seeds members! This blog post is going to show you how to create a unique flow to your website that emotionally converts visitors in one or more ways. Flow is a term that is used to describe the effortless momentum.

Imagine a waterfall.

Do you see how it flows with ease over the rocks and along the bank? Your website should have the same type of flow while speaking to a diverse audience AND have an emotional message that gently encourages a conversion. Conversion can be soft, partial and full. We will read more about how to have a flowing website with emotionally converting content later in this post. 

Let’s talk first about the term “Flow” and how it is important to the success of your website, social media campaign and business success. Flow simply means the effortless movement from one thing or place to another thing or place.

At your website, your audience (by nature and virtue of their savvy internet skills) uses their mouse to work with the “Flow” of your website. In some cases they will use their finger as with a smart phone or tablet, but the message is this: website visitors like to click around to see what you are up to.

When the elements of your website lead to a natural flow, you will enjoy longer visitor stays and better search results placement in search engines such as Google or Bing. 


web page flow

Does your web site lead your visitors to the pages you want them to visit next?


When Flow is present, Ease is present too. 

Ease means easy. We want things to be delivered to us today in a format that is easy. With a generation of baby boomers just waiting to join in, easy is no longer an option. Gone are the days of mile long “Web Copy” on sales pages that seem to go on forever. There is no need for loud check marks and constant reminders of the problem.

There is, however, a need for websites that are exciting and fun, and that lead the viewer to an obvious conversion. They love how your website looks and feels. Your color scheme touches their heart in some way, and they want to keep in touch with you. If the elements of flow are there as they should be, you will enjoy a three part conversion. 

3 Part Conversions are key to the Success of a Website with Flow! 

First of all, conversion means someone comes to your website and takes an action. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of describing a conversion only as a cash sale or hard close. This is not the case in today’s market. There are three possible conversions that can be found on a website that has proper and easy flow.

  1. The Soft Conversion – This is a connection that is made through social media or via your email opt-in free giveaway. If you have succeeded with creating copy that converts with an emotional impact, then you will attract visitors that join you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus. 
  2. The Mid-range Conversion – One step up from a soft conversion, the mid-range conversion is when a prospect sends you a message through your email link, data capture, appointment software or other and requests a phone call with you. It is good to offer a 1/2 hour strategy planning session, etc. to encourage entry at the Mid-range conversion point. 
  3. The Hard Close – And finally the close you desire in business. You have converted a site visitor to a paying client. This is the final conversion that can occur within your website and thus the reason you want your site to flow with effortless ease, into the emotional stance to purchase your packages.

In conclusion if your website is not flowing like water but instead is flowing like honey, it probably also is not converting in any of the three methods. As a Seeds level member of Meilani’s Blooming Business Club, you have special access to premium content that will help you have a better business that blooms for you. Thank you.