Video Lesson: How to Use Circles to Bookmark Your Google+ Testimonials

Hey There Business Bloomers! This short, 5 minute video lesson shows you how to use Google+ Circles for internal organization. In this example, I show you how to save your testimonials to a Bookmarks Circle so that you have them all stored in one place where you can easily find them later.


1: See This Pic for How to Create a New Empty Circle

Create a Bookmarks Circle, but do not add anyone else to your Circle.  Since the Circle is empty, you will be the only person who shares posts to that Circle. This pic shows you how to create a new empty Circle:

How to Create an Empty Circle


2. Watch This Video for How to Use Your New Circle to Save and Find Your Testimonials

You will share your testimonials to your new Bookmark Circle. Since you are the only person who shares posts to that Circle, when you go look at that Circle you will see a collection of your testimonial posts! Watch this video to see what the heck I’m talking about:


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