Video Introduction and Resources for How to Use Hootsuite


Hey there Business Bloomers! 

Hootsuite is a social sharing tool that helps to make your time spent on socials organized and efficient.  I’ve made a commitment to myself to get more organized (aah, sweet organization, you are my Achilles heel) in 2014, and using Hootsuite is a natural step in the right direction towards meeting that goal.

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I’ve found some great resources for how to use Hootsuite, and now I’m sharing them with you! First up is a short Introduction to Hootesuite video which will give you a look at this great tool and the initial, basic setup of your Hootsuite account and interface. After the video, you’ll find links to some great resources to help you learn how to use Hootsuite.


The Introduction to Hootsuite Video

Check out this video featuring yours truly (aka me, Meilani MacDonald) and Meilani’s Blooming Business Club member +Gene Shaw, owner of Heirloom Productions Video Services, who came along for the ride for this Introduction to HootSuite. In this video, you will see the basic interface you’ll find inside your Hootsuite dashboard, and you’ll learn how to create Tabs and Streams to organize the info you want Hootsuite to bring back to you.

In this video we covered:

• Where to find the free account set up link 1:26
• How to add your social accounts that you wish to monitor 2:14
• About Hootsuite interface: Tabs 3:14
• About Hootsuite interface: Streams 3:30
• How to add a Stream to your Tabs 4:13
• How to add a social network to a Tab 4:48
• Adding a Tab and example of Tab organization 5:00
• About adding an App 5:54
• How to reTweet 6:20
• How to send your post to multiple social sites 6:57
• A little bit of discussion about social marketing vs. spam 8:47
• How to schedule your post to go out later 10:07

As always, there’s a little bit of social media marketing talk in there too.


Resources for How to Use Hootsuite

In my quest to get Hootin’, I’ve found some really great resources for how to use Hootsuite, and I think you might find them useful too. So enough introduction, let’s get to that list of resources!

  • Of course you’ll need to start with the tool itself, so here is a link to the Hootsuite site. As shown in the video, click the “Or create a new account” link to get started. Visit the Hootsuite Blog for lots of great knowledge and skill building posts.
  • Hootlet is a browser extension that makes it easy to share via Hootsuite right from the page you want to share, without having to leave it to go to your Hootsuite dashboard. You just click on the Hootlet icon in your browser bookmarks bar, and you’ll get a pop-up Hootsuite share box with the url link already inside it, already shortened, and the ability to post to several socials at once and to schedule your post to go out at a later time.
  • This post by Ian Cleary on provides some great Hootsuite organization tips and gives examples like setting up a hashtag stream for a conference you’re attending, and grouping people you follow on Twitter, or who follow you, into lists.


These links are enough to get you started. If you have any favorite resources for How To Use Hootsuite, please do leave a comment with a link to those resources. If you are a Hootsuite power user and trainer, please do go ahead and give yourself a short intro and link to your site. Yes, you have an invitation to leave a link to your site – just make it short, sweet and useful, and not spammy, okay? Okay!



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