Meilani’s Blooming Business Club Lesson and Homework Sample Video: Social Media Networking and Audience Building

Hey There Peeps! Check out this video lesson and homework assignment on Social Media Networking and Audience Building.

What You’ll Find In This Video

:20  Your social media time is your networking time

:50  Why we go to networking mixers

1:43  What your time spent on social media is meant to accomplish

2:29  How much time will you spend on socials? Why? Points to consider re: social time.

3:51  Why? An investment in your business: building connections and relationships

5:10  The homework assignment: start building your social connections and audiences

5:26  How to build connections when participating in a Hangout, as an audience member not inside the Hangout, but watching at the event page. Tips for how to be a good, active participant and start making connections.

7:31  Using Hashtags to build social connections

What is a Hangout? Click here to find out!  And then Click here to find Hangouts to participate in.


This Video is Just a Sample – A Sample of What?

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This 8-1/2 minute video is clipped from a discussion and homework assignment video posted for members of Meilani’s Blooming Business Club. The original lesson video for this assignment is 20 minutes long and includes social networking suggestions specific to club members and their businesses


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