Quick Intro to Google+: Where’s My Stuff?

The video lesson you can fit in your ten minute break 🙂

Hey There Business Bloomers!  This Quick Intro to Google+ video is perfect for folks who have already created their Google account, but are just starting out using Google+, GMail, and the other awesome apps provided to us by the good folks at Google.

This video gives you a quick tour of the first items on a newbie’s “where do I find my ____?” list.  You’ll learn

  • how to find your Google+ profile page easily
  • where your notification and privacy settings are
  • where to find your other Google apps including Gmail, Calendar, Maps, etc.,
  • where to view your Notifications.

Less than 8 minutes long, this Quick Intro to Google+ video packs a lot of really useful info into a package that fits nicely into your lunch break!