Hey there Business Bloomers!  Not too long ago I wrote a post introducing you to Blab, a still-in-beta, very nifty video chat app that works so nicely with Twitter.  Check out this news from the Blab blog. It’s a pretty good blog, and if you are into Blab, you should follow it. Rather than copy everything from the Blab post, I thought I’d just share it. It is so beautifully done.


What You’ll Find at the Blab Post

You’ll see some nifty new tools, nicely laid out in a “where / what is this” photo of the Blab chat screen, with a description of the nifty tools below the photo. Tools include YouTube upload capability, comment filters, iOS props, and more. Sweet!

Just click on the title in the image below to go to the post. <— Or click this link.

Thank you, Brittany from Blab, for keeping us updated!



Props, YouTube, & Stats, OH MY!