Hey There Business Bloomers!

Back when I was still on FB, I commented on a nice post over in women’s group.  Yes, FB, I know, I know, the horror… but I digress, and you all already know I love me some Google and Twitter, so back to biz!

The post asked, what were our challenges this week and how do we stay motivated?”

Well, I had a couple of minor disappointments this week, with a few no-show appointments.

Bummer, right?

Well, yes, if I choose to view it that way.


Or, I could view it like this:

  • Wow, I am so grateful to have the connections I have!  I’m lucky to have had an appt. scheduled with these awesome people to begin with!  They are both adding so much to my professional life and they are incredibly valuable b2b resources and they are also just awesome people.
  • Most people have really good reasons if and when they miss a business appointment they had scheduled. Reasons that would make me miss the appointment too.
  • Woohoo now I have a little extra time to catch up on that work I need to catch up on!  The appointments will just be rescheduled. Sweet.
  • Heeeey, I have that presentation on Social Media Etiquette coming up (in 2014) at the local American Business Women’s Association (ABWA) meeting, this is a great story for that prezzie!
  • Heeeey this would also make a great blog post!  Sweet!  I’ll have a great blog post, have a great piece to post in relevant discussions such as how-to-handle, customer service, small biz psychology, motivation and inspiration, and more!
  • Heeeeey this is also a great example for that other blog post I’m writing, on the topic of repurposing your content! Double Sweet! Woohoo for multi-purpose content!


…WOW all of a sudden I’m feeling like this!!:

serenity by becky weidow


Shining, Not Whining!

So now, instead of focusing on “aww man, I really was looking so forward to those, I feel disappointed,”  I’m sitting pretty realizing how many positives this experience is giving me!

I’m getting some great topical content for which I will have a lot of practical uses, saving me time and effort on two other projects!

I am so fortunate to have such awesome connections and a few missed appointments here and there for really good reasons is nothing compared to the many benefits and bonuses that come with such awesome peeps, like brilliant collaborations, brainstorms, sharing of professional savvy and resources, and large doses of inspiration!


Perspective is Everything

So the next time you are feeling the downs over a challenge, try some other perspectives.
Define and re-define the new situation and then look for ways to use that new situation to your advantage.
Here’s an example:

Challenge:  Oh CRAP!  That seminar you had scheduled, and for which you spent so much time prepping and creating a stellar presentation, got canceled at the last minute! Dangit I was really looking forward to shining in front of that audience!

Define the situation: I made this awesome presentation and didn’t get to show it.

Identify key words and get rid of the gunk:  Key words here are “I made this awesome presentation.”
The gunk here is “I didn’t get to show it.”  (waah)

The situation is redefined:  I have this awesome new presentation at my disposal!

How can you use the new situation to your advantage?  

  • You can offer this pre-packaged presentation to other interested groups and orgs.
  • You can put it on your web site and use it for marketing
  • You can tweak it into a document that you can offer as a freebie incentive to list subscribers
  • You can sell it

These are just a few examples of how you can use the great content that was originally created for a different purpose.

The point is, instead of creating negative energy being disappointed, we are creating positive energy thinking of ways we can use our awesome content to our advantage.

Not only are we practicing thinking positively to lift our moods, we are practicing using critical thinking skills, practicing thinking strategically about our businesses, practicing brainstorming, and practicing how-to-handle-unplanned-situations skills.

This is how I stay motivated 🙂