Why Make Customer Surveys?

Customer feedback is so important, especially in this day and age when your customers can go to the internet and find any number of providers to fill their needs. Knowing what your customers really think about your offerings gives you valuable info that can help guide your products and services development and marketing efforts. Now you might be wondering: How do I make customer surveys? Will the surveys be easy for my customers to fill out? There’s good news – Google Forms makes it easy for you to create surveys that are easy for your customers to fill out!

Check out this example of a customer survey form created using Google Forms, and used by Hootsuite to measure customer satisfaction with their mobile app update. Click here to see the Hootsuite survey.

Just in case that link is no longer active, here are a couple of screen shots that show you what the Hootsuite Mobile App Survey Form looked like:



As you can see in these two pics, the survey form allows for a variety of response choices, from pick one, to multiple choice, to written paragraph text answers.




“Oooh!” you’re saying, right about now… 🙂

Yes, these forms are easy for your customers to fill out!  When they are done, they press the “submit” button – easy peasy! Depending on how you set up the survey, their responses can either be emailed to you, or can automatically populate a spreadsheet.


Where to Find Google Forms

Like Google’s other apps, Google Forms is easy to find. Whatever app you want to use, put the name in front of “.google.com” in the url – so Forms can be found at http://forms.google.com. Likewise, Docs are at http://docs.google.com, hangouts is at http://hangouts.google.com, and Drive is at http://drive.google.com.

If you are using Google Drive – which is great for storage and organization into folders – apps including Docs, Forms, Sheets and Slides are found by clicking on the big red “New” button.


Image of Drive New Button

Create new documents from the big red “New” button in Google Drive.


How to Make a Customer Survey Using Google Forms

If you have selected a folder, the form will be created inside that folder. When you choose Google Forms, you will be taken to the Form creation screen, where it is easy to create surveys like the Hootsuite survey example at the top of this post. See the photo below for a quick start to creating your survey using Google Forms:


Google Forms Quick Start Photo

Google Forms Quick Start Photo – Click photo to see it at larger size.


Question Title is where you type in your survey question.

Help Text is where you would put any instructions for that question, such as “pick one” or “check all answers that apply” or “please write your suggestions in the box below.”

Question Type is where you set what kind of response goes with the question, for example choose one, multiple choice, or a paragraph text box for a written answer.

When you are done with that question, click the “Add Item” box to add the next question.

Click “Done” when you are finished with all your questions.

When your form is completed, as creator of the form, you’ll see an “Edit form” link on the finished, live form that you send out to your customers. You’ll also be able to access both the form editor and the response sheet from Google Drive.

The big blue “Send form” button makes it easy to send your survey group a link to your survey by sharing a link to your socials, or by sending an email, or you can just grab the live survey link to send it out via your newsletter emails.

I hope you enjoyed this Quick Start post for how to create a survey using Google Forms! If you go in and play around you’ll find all the great options Google Forms offers so you can create useful, easy peasy forms that are a breeze for users to fill out and a breeze for creators to build and edit!

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