How to Use Vine to Create Quick Video Clips

Hey there Business Bloomers! In this post you’ll learn how to use the Vine app to create quick video clips that you can easily post to your socials. The nifty thing about Vine is that it brings video creation to even the most novice video users – it literally enables you to create 6-second video clips with the touch of a finger. In this post you’ll find both a Video Guide and a Text and Pictures Guide for how to use Vine to create quick video clips.

Before we begin…

When I decided to download Vine, I was met with a challenge: there are a myriad of 3rd party apps that include the word “Vine” in their name. It took far too many pages and minutes of scrolling through the app store to find the original Vine app. So here is a handy link to make it easy for you:

*Warning #1* – You may be sucked into a warp zone, where you start to watch some Vines, look up, and realize you have lost time.

*Warning #2* – When you open the app on your mobile device, you’ll start to see Vines in your stream. It’s tempting to watch lots and lots of them, but not necessarily something you want to do on your mobile, because those videos are downloaded and take up space on your device. However, there is an easy solve.

If When I do get sucked into watching the videos (easy to do), to free up the space again I periodically delete the app, which also deletes all the downloaded files – but not your account or your Vines – and then reinstall. Yeah it sucks to do that, but filming and posting videos is SO easy with Vine I find it to be worth the effort. Vine is sort of like the Twitter of video – being restricted to 6 seconds really helps you find and master creative ways to make your point quickly.


How to Use Vine to Create Quick Video Clips – Video Guide

Check out the video below to learn how to make and share a Vine video clip. In this example you’ll see me demonstrating how to use Vine on an iPad. It’s so easy, this video is less than 10 minutes long. The “How to Use Vine” demo part is 6 minutes, and the other 4 minutes I give examples of specific businesses and what they can do with a 6 second video to market their services.

If you prefer to just read some instructions with screenshots, you can find those below the video 🙂



How to Use Vine to Create Quick Video Clips – Text and Pictures Guide


Step 1: Open the App and Click the Camera Icon

To activate the camera, touch the camera icon at the bottom center of the screen. You see my finger over it in the pic below.


How to Make a Vine Video -Camera button.



Step 2: Touch the Screen

How to make video clips with Vine -


Yep, that’s really all you have to do! When you touch the screen, you are filming. Note the green bar at the top of the screen. While you are filming, that green bar shows your progress – from the “x” at left to the arrow at right is 6 seconds of video.

The cool thing about this is that you can stop, save a clip for later, add to it again later, and do this as many times as you can fit into that 6 second video. This makes for great stop motion videos, which can be easier and less time consuming for the newbie to create with Vine, than for example importing multiple clips into iMovie on the iPad. Plus, in case you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a fan of the 6-second video marketing platform.

What Can You Do With Only 6 Seconds?

Check out artist Ian Padgham‘s Vine page for inspiration:

Or just check out this Vine, created for Sony Electronics and Dunkin’ Donuts – to turn the sound on (or off), click the camera icon at top left of the Vine video:


 Step 3: Share Your Vine

When your video is done, you’ll see a preview of it. If you are ready to share, just touch the check mark at the bottom. If you want to revise it, you can touch “edit” instead.   How to Make a Video with Vine 3 -   In the “Share” screen, you have options for sharing to connected accounts like Twitter and Facebook, or to choose a Channel (topic) for your video.   How to Make a Video with Vine 4 - share options. Channels are organized by topics. Popular channels include Food, Animals, Art, and Places. How to Make a Video with Vine 4 - share options2.   When adding the caption, you get a handy icons that make it easy to tag a person or add hashtags. How to Make a Video with Vine 4 - share options3. When you have finished adding your caption, selecting a channel and selecting the connected socials you want to share to, just touch the “Share Post” button, and your Vine will be posted. Well that’s it, folks, super simple, easy peasy, and now you all can become video stars! It’s all in a day’s work for small business owners and solopreneurs 🙂     To turn the sound on (or off), click the camera icon at top left of the Vine video:

Do you use Vine?

If you use Vine to create business videos, please leave a comment below and share a link to your greatest business Vine!




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