Video Lesson: How to Use the Draw Tool to Brand Your Hangouts

Hey There Business Bloomers!  If you use or watch Google’s Hangouts or Hangouts on Air, you already know how important it is to add a name stripe across the bottom of your screen. You can use the built-in Hangouts Toolbox to create your Lower Third stripe, or if you have an image editing app such as Adobe Photoshop you can create a custom stripe and fit in more info than the built in app allows.  


Q: But I don’t have Photoshop, am I just S.O.L.?
A: No – now there is a built in tool to help you, yay!

For people who don’t have Photoshop or another fancy image editing app, there is now a tool built right into Hangouts that enables you to add more info to your screen, such as a phone number, tagline, or testimonial that will strengthen and reinforce your brand. It’s cleverly disguised as a “fun” app, but provides a very practical tool for business as well.



Introducing the DRAW app!

Check out this short video (less than 5 minutes long!) which shows you how to use the Draw tool to brand your Hangouts by enabling you to add more info to your Hangout video screen!


If you found this video helpful, please share it with your friends and colleagues who might find it useful too. Please leave a comment and let me know what other quick tips would be useful to you. 


Check out this Google+ post for more info and a great example of how to use the Draw tool to brand your Hangouts:

Just click on “Read More” right there in the post to see the rest!  How nifty is that!


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