Meilani and Theresa’s How to Use Google+ for Business: Beginner Series

Class 2, Segment 6 teaches us more about posting on Google+.


Hey there peeps!  This video segment is a free preview from a video lesson series hosted by myself and +Theresa Delgado, called “Meilani & Theresa’s How to Use Google+ for Business: Beginners Series.”  This segment shows how to make a post on Google+, and how to control who sees or comments on the post.

Did you know you can disable reshares of your post?  Did you know you can disable comments on your post?  Watch this short segment to learn the basics of sharing your post with just the folks you want to share with.



This 7-minute segment covers:

  • posting and sharing etiquette
  • where to view post activity
  • disabling sharing
  • disabling comments
  • email notifications

See Segment 5 to learn how to share your post to specific people, to your circles, extended circles or to public, and what that means. (requires membership)

See Segment 7 to learn about using Hashtags and for a recap of all the best practices for posting discussed in Segments 5 and 6. (requires membership)

Segments 5 and 7, and the rest of the videos in the Meilani and Theresa’s How to Use Google+ for Business: Beginner Series, are available to members of Meilani’s Blooming Business Club.  You can access all these great videos, and more! Check out the workshop schedule on the sidebar 🙂  

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