Hey There Business Bloomers! As you know, I host the TGIF Business Networking Hangout twice a month. Recently, I had a funny thing happen.

The Cute Little Setup Story

The featured guest on my show was the wonderful Geoffrey X. Lane, who also hosts his own Hangouts on Air. A few days before the live TGIF episode, I sent my Hangout guide email to Geoffrey and that TGIF episode’s Hangout assistants, the fabulous John Jurkiewicz and Catharine Symblème

It must have been really helpful, because the next week, Geoffrey sent the same format guide email right back to me and the other guests who were to appear in the panel on his Hangout show

First I got a good little chuckle out of this, then I realized that if he found the Hangout format guide helpful, so might other hosts! And voila, a handy Hangout Format Guide PDF and new business blog post were born. Woohoo!


Enough With The Story Already…Where’s That Guide?

It’s linked below! Click to see in your browser, or right click to download it. Feel free to share it with others, but please do not alter it when you do so. 

Handy Format Guide for Google Hangout Hosts

Handy Hangout Format Guide for Google Hangout Hosts

Handy Hangout Format Guide for Google Hangout Hosts


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