How to Pin a Google Post to Pinterest

Hey there Business Bloomers, have you ever come across or written a really great post on Google+, just full of useful info, and wished you could pin it to your Pinterest boards? Guess what…you can!

This video shows you how to pin a Google post to Pinterest. Woot!  

Be sure to read the important note below the video too!



Important Note About Sharing to Twitter When Pinning

When I wrote the comment for the pin starting at 1:55 in the video, I did two things:

1. I made Michelle’s name and my name live links to our Pinterest profiles

2. I checked the “Post to Twitter” box, which sent out a Tweet of this Pin from my Twitter account

Now I did #1 because the comment for the Pinterest pin now has nifty live links to my and to Michelle’s Pinterest profiles. However, those live links got carried over to the Twitter post. BUT they were not links to our Twitter profiles, or back to our Pinterest pages!  

Because our Twitter names are not the same as our Pinterest names, the comments ended up having live links to some other lucky ladies who scored our names for their Twitter profiles. I am @1Meilani on Twitter, and @Meilani is someone completely different, who happens to share the same first name. Lucky girl!  

So, since there is no way to edit a Tweet once it is sent, I ended up having to delete that Tweet, and when I’m done writing here, I will  send out a Tweet of this blog post instead. 


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